Armadillos Hate This Stuff Which Is Why You Should Use It!

Keep Armadillo's Out Of Your Garden For Good.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Armadillo Armageddon

Q. How do I apply Armadillo Armageddon?
A. A. Simply attach a garden hose to the special applicator spray bottle that the one quart Armadillo Armageddon comes in. If you buy the half gallon or gallon refill size, make sure you also order the quart size bottle. The quart size applicator bottle is designed to mix the Castor Oil formula with water so it will soak into the ground. Other applicator bottles don't do this. Soak the ground you wish to treat. One quart treats 2,500 sq. ft. After applying, you may wish to further soak the area with water to make sure the product penetrates deep into the ground.

Q. How does Armadillo Armageddon work?
A. Armadillo Armageddon uses castor oil to make the grubs, worms and other insects the armadillos eat taste bad. It will not harm these critters the armadillos seek out for their meals. The armadillos in your yard will seek new feeding grounds.

Q. How often do I have to apply Armadillo Armageddon?
A. Use Armadillo Armageddon immediately after the presence of armadillos are detected, or in early Spring, mid-summer and early Fall if you suspect they are in the area. Apply every month or two if you know they are present.

Q. Is Armadillo Armageddon safe to use in areas where children or pets play?
A. Yes, Armadillo Armageddon is safe to use in areas frequented by children and pets.

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