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Hi, I'm Arlene Lind the inventor of Not Tonight Deer!™ deer repellent and if you have experienced the horror of seeing your prized and lovingly tended garden laid waste by the local deer population, you will want to know what I did to overcome my struggle to protect my garden. I tried various things until I found just the right formula for halting the unwanted advances of my four legged neighbors. It had to be natural, non-toxic and it had to work. I christened it “Not Tonight Deer!” and it safely and effectively keeps deer from turning my garden into an all you can eat buffet.

I can't tell you my joy when after applying it I saw time and time again the deer turning their noses up at my flowers and vegetables and moving on.

Like most animals (including us humans), scent and taste are the primary senses that make something desirable to eat. Whether it is a juicy steak, fresh tossed salad or glass of wine for Homo Sapiens, or roses, camellias or tulips for deer, if you can make it smell and taste rotten, no one is going to want to eat it.

That is exactly how my Not Tonight Deer! deer repellent tricks deer into leaving your garden alone. To the deer my special formula makes your flowers smell rotten and taste just as bad.

Let some of our satisfied customers tell of their results after using Not Tonight Deer!

Janet Roach of Shelter Island Heights, NY, writes, “Praise you and praise heaven for leading us to you. We’ve tried everything. So far only your product has worked reliably on this small island, which is home to more deer than people.”

I recently became aware of your product, "Not Tonight Deer" on the Internet. "Not Tonight Deer" not only worked on our vegetable garden but in our flowerbeds as well. Thank you for helping us control our deer problem.
-Clyde Gilbert, Cincinnati, OH

Not only does Not Tonight Deer! work, it is one of the most economical deer repellents on the market. One 6 oz. Bag makes 5 gallons of liquid that will cover 5,000 square feet of garden. And all this protection is available for $12.99.

Of course all our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So go ahead and order to turn the tide in your battle against deer.

Not Tonight Deer!
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