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Best Way To Get Rid Of Yard Moles!
Hi, I'm Arlene Lind the inventor of the Mole-otov Cocktail!™ natural mole repellent and if like me you have struggled in your attempts to protect your lawn and garden from the ravages of the local mole population, you need to know what will make your garden repulsive to them. I was able to find a time proven formula that I used to make Mole-otov Cocktail safely and effectively keep moles from turning my garden into a giant molehill.

I can’t tell you my joy in seeing the end of those mounds of dirt in the middle of my lawn and flowerbeds.

Like most animals (including us humans), scent and taste are the primary senses that make something desirable to eat. Whether it is a juicy steak, fresh tossed salad or glass of wine on the dinner table of Homo Sapiens, or the bugs, grubs and worms who live in the dirt that moles dine on, if you can make them taste rotten and cause a belly ache, no human or mole is going to want to eat it.

That is exactly why my Mole-otov Cocktail natural mole repellent is the best way to get rid orf yard moles and tricks them into leaving your garden alone. My special formula makes the bugs and grubs in the soil of your garden that moles eat taste bad and makes them sick to their stomach. They will soon be looking for somewhere else to live.

Let one of our satisfied customers tell of his results after using Mole-otov cocktail natural mole repellent.

" I tried most everything and nothing worked. I wish I had found Mole-otov Cocktail years ago! We finally have a lawn we can enjoy."
- Bob Lucas, Poulsbo, WA.

Mole-otov Cocktail is easy to use. Simply attach a garden hose to our special applicator bottle and soak the area to be treated. This heavy watering will force worms to the surface and they will be covered by the castor oil. After a few unappetizing meals the moles will get the hint and look for greener pastures.

One quart covers 10,000 square feet. Economical half and one gallon refills are available. One treatment will last up to three months. After your lawn is mole free you can treat a 10-20 foot wide perimeter strip around the area to be protected which will form a protective barrier guarding against further infestation.

So if protecting your lawn and garden from the ravages of your local mole population is high on your agenda, order Mole-otov Cocktail natural mole repellent today.

Of course all our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So go ahead turn the tide in your battle against moles.

P.S. In addition to Mole-otov Cocktail natural mole repellent, my company has also developed Not Tonight Deer! Deer repellent; Hare-Less™ rabbit, squirrel and raccoon hot pepper repellent; and Armadillo Armageddon™ armadillo repellent. All these natural pest repellents are nontoxic and environmentally friendly and are 100% unconditionally guaranteed.

Not Tonight Deer!
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